Introducing the Kuube Series

The world's most powerful 2in1 humidifiers and purifiers

Learn how we will change your air for good

Many sizes, many benefits

With three sizes available, there's a perfect kuube for you

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Don't just live, thrive

The world's most powerful 2in1 humidifiers and purifiers

Learn how we will change your air for good

5 bogus things we remove that a mere humidifier can't

Airborne bacteria


Pet hair & dander

Dust mites

Dust & allergens

5 bonus thing we remove

Dry-air headaches

Skin drying & lips cracking

Dry eyes caused by dry air

Wood warping

Dry AC air

love affairs with our air

Jose Carreras

I have tried out a large number of air humidifiers and air purifiers. As far as I am concerned there is nothing better than the Venta Airwasher. It protects me from dry and bad indoor air.

Alfred Brendel

Of all birthday gifts the Venta airwasher was the most helpful (useful) one.

Christopher “Crash” Richard

I love the way it works. As a professional musician and vocalist (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros), it gives me what I need for sleeping conditions that allow me to perform at my best during the day.

Magdalena Neuner

I use the Airwashers almost every day, especially now that the pollen count is fairly high. You can really feel the cleaner air. I am absolutely satisfied with the Venta Airwashers, particularly as I have already tried other air cleaners and never felt positive results.

Edward Norton

I'm impressed with the cleverness and sophistication behind the simplicity of how they work. It's fantastic to not have to deal with filters and that sort of stuff.

Nigel Kennedy

Wherever I go, I’ve got my Venta Airwasher with me, cause it just makes life perfect for my violin. And if my violin’s happy, so am I.

Nick Dungo

Best air purifier that I've owned. Cooped up in the stu (studio) gotta keep it fresh.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Venta helps remove dust and other allergens from your room with no filters. I love this!

you'd expect NASA's Mars Mission to use the most advanced atmospere technology.

they do. Ours.

buy today. look what our air craft can save you

  • saves you from sick days off work - by removing bacteria from the air
  • saves you from allergens in spring to fall - removes all pollen
  • saves you from hay fever OTC medication - sleep without allergens is especially beneficial
  • saves you from sleepless nights - hydrating your air can mean better more restful sleep
  • saves you from moisturizing so much - beauty starts with hydrated air
  • saves you from high energy bills - humidified air feels warmer - savings come from turning down your thermostat a couple of degrees.
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