Bye, Winter Blues

In winter, everyone is trapped inside with heaters blasting dry, stale, bacteria-laden air. This air is hard on the lungs and leads to dry, cracked skin, sore throats, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, dry nasal passages and nosebleeds, headaches and transmission of colds and flu.


But with Venta, your air is perfectly humidified and pure. No more winter blues with moisturized skin, less headaches and illness and a better night’s sleep. If someone does get sick, our Kuube series will relieve symptoms and help prevent transmission of the illness. More than 10,000 medical doctors are Venta owners and use our units in their homes and practices.

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The Great Air-Con

Air conditioning has the same drying effect on the air as heaters. But the low-maintenance Kuube family is perfect to run all day, every day, 365-days-a-year, with whisper-quiet operation, using less energy than a lightbulb.

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Make Your Home an Allergy Free Zone

Itchy, watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat and coughing are all hallmarks of allergy season. Pollen, dust, pet hair and dander, mold and other allergens floating around in the air can make us miserable. With Venta, your room air is literally washed of these unwanted particles, making your home an allergy-free zone.

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Total Wellness

Perfectly humidified and pure air means moisturized and rejuvenated skin, more restful sleep and increased concentration. Cut back on sick days, expensive moisturizers and creams and over-the-counter medications while waking up feeling refreshed and ready for success with Venta. Our crafted air also helps with many of the breathing problems that cause snoring, which means sweet dreams for everyone.

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Make Your House a Home

A Venta home is one that reaps the many benefits of perfect indoor air quality. Accumulated dust is a thing of the past, along with dust mites, which means less sneezing AND cleaning. Proper humidity is required to maintain all the wood in your home. Venta’s perfect humidification protects your investment in wooden flooring, furniture, antiques and expensive instruments. The Kuube family washes unwanted odors out of your air, which is perfect for everyone that loves cooking with garlic, but doesn’t want to smell it two days later. Enjoy your pets without the odors, hair and dander that accompany them. Even your plants will be healthier with Venta.

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2in1 is 3in1 with Venta Aromatherapy

The Venta Airwasher is the only 2in1 humidifier and purifier on the market with an accompanying line of Aromatherapy. The Venta Aromatherapy line features six unique fragrances, each made with 100% all-natural essential oils that are specifically formulated for use in the Kuube family. From the invigorating Citrus Garden, which contains the rind of real citrus fruit, to our healing Eucalyptus, perfect for cold and flu season, there’s a scent for every occasion and mood.


2in1? More like 3in1.

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Go Green with Venta

With Venta, you are not only getting perfect indoor air quality safely, efficiently and quietly, you are joining a company that is committed to responsibility and has been since its beginning in 1981. Our Airwashers are 100% recyclable, manufactured in Germany using only wind power and use less energy to operate than a small lightbulb. With the Airwasher, there are no unhygienic and expensive filters to replace and like all German products, the Venta Airwasher is built to last and backed by our 10-year warranty.

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The Original. The Best. Venta.

This revolutionary method of safely and efficiently providing perfect humidification and purification was invented by Venta’s founder in 1981. Other companies have tried to imitate the Venta system to create a dual function humidifier/purifier on par with our Kuube family, but Venta produces the original and the best. The Venta Airwasher is the only premium unit, German-engineered and manufactured, built to last for life and backed by a 10-year warranty. Our units are still the number one humidifier and purifier in Europe, even after more than 35 years.

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Venta is Different

But with Venta’s revolutionary Cold Evaporation system, the air in your home takes only the moisture it needs from the unit, and no more. This means no mist, no white dust, no mold and no risk of potentially dangerous over-humidification, just evenly and perfectly moisturized air.


While simultaneously humidifying your air, the Airwasher is purifying it of dust, bacteria, mold, allergens, pet hair and dander and unwanted odors.


And with the Kuube series, you get all of these benefits without messy filters.

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Traditional Humidifiers Don’t Work

Venta’s Kuube family are the best 2in1 humidifiers and purifiers on the market today. Traditional humidifiers force moisture in the form of vapor and mist into the air and have issues with white dust, mold and the risk of frequent over-humidification. These vaporizer-style humidifiers can be quite unsafe according to a recent Consumer Reports article titled “Is Your Humidifier Putting You at Risk?” "Both the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency warn that emissions from dirty humidifiers can cause health problems, especially for folks who suffer from asthma or allergies."

How it Works

How can the Kuube family provide perfectly humidified and pure air without filters and using only tap water? The answer is in the Cold Evaporation system and our patented Disc Stacks.


The Disc Stack is comprised of over 44 separate discs that are specially designed for water to adhere to their individual surfaces. The Venta Disc Stack provides a humidification surface area of 22.5 square feet, but is compact enough to fit inside the Airwasher. As the Airwasher motor and fan circulates the room’s air, it also slowly rotates the Disc Stack. The fan blows the dry room air over the water adhered to the discs and humidifies the air evenly and safely using cold water evaporation. Simultaneously, the discs collect unwanted airborne particles from the air, which are then deposited in the bottom of the water reservoir. Since the Airwasher only releases properly humidified air, the unwanted airborne particles are trapped and left behind in the reservoir.

NASA’s Choice For Air-Crafting

After researching the best air quality device available on the planet, the leading NASA team member of the Mars 2020 mission chose the Venta Airwasher. We are the company that NASA turns to for perfectly crafted air here on Earth.